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As I looked through the collection that was presented to me, I was impressed with the quality and brilliance of the korvus watches. One of my likes in life is a nice time piece. For me it was no second guessing as to purchasing mine. Water proof and elegance added to my decision. Not to mention the compliments that I received on wearing mine. If you are in the market for a great watch look no further than the Korvus collection.


I purchased 5 MURWORTH REF. 101 for my groomsmen. Korvus is a quality timepiece that is not stylish but also masculine. The travel case that is included is made of superior leather and it also holds 3 watches. They went above and beyond and personalized the back of the watches for the wedding. I’m extremely satisfied with the product and customer service.


One of the best watch purchases I’ve ever made. High quality materials. Great for any occasion, formal or casual.


I bought this watch knowing it was going to be the best product on the market. From its presidential look to its bold presence. I have gotten so many compliments on this watch it was overwhelming to say the least. I definitely will be purchasing another well crafted time piece to seize more moments.

Jerray Wells

It was time to buy a good quality dress/casual/ sporty watch, and I'm not disappointed by my purchase!! For the price, fit and finish this watch ranks high with brands that have been out for awhile!! Great job, and great watch!!

Wilbur King

I purchased this Korvus model with confidence that I was getting the most “bang for my buck”. I’m pleased to say this watch is perfect for all events. If you’re going out to dinner, church or job interview this definitely fits the attire. I would recommend this brand to anyone who values quality and class.

Colby Collins